About Us

About Us

Rishi Enterprises and NA Impex are a part of the CRPL Group of companies

Rishi Enterprises has been operating from Mumbai, India since 1990 and North American Impex Inc from Dallas, USA since 2000. Both companies specialize in international sourcing, marketing and indenting of chemicals, polymers, pharmaceuticals and raw materials. Our core markets are India and America however we source internationally across the globe from more than twenty-five countries. We represent several large manufacturers exclusively for the Indian and American markets.

The foundation of our business is based on knowledge, transparency, relationship, trust and goodwill. We have a team of experienced executives based in India, America, China and a network of representatives in several other countries specializing in sourcing, marketing and order execution.

Our main focus is to excel in products of our expertise while constantly striving to add and develop new products and verticals. Our goal is to add value to our worldwide international suppliers and customers in India and America.

Benefit to our Worldwide International Suppliers

We provide a strong marketing network and share market intelligence. We work transparently with our principals and create strategies for developing long term increasing market share while building brand value for them and their products.

Benefit to our Indian and International customers

For our Indian and International customers our goal is to provide credible and competitive offers consistently. We have an experienced team dedicated for order execution which is powered with our in house developed software customized to oversee smooth completion of transactions. We are able to provide valuable guidance to our customers based on our product knowledge and market intelligence, we also have a terrific record to help customers add and develop new product lines.